A Philosophy of Education:
An education for life

The Five Keys to a Successful Music Education

The Private Lesson: One-on-one training exemplifies education in its most pure and natural state. Black Bear is committed to furnishing only the most qualified faculty in the studio and in the classroom. Each member is highly trained in providing a unique educational experience for each individual who enters our doors.
An integrated curriculum:
Performance coaching represents but one facet of musical education. Each faculty member is expected to provide a broad context for his/her discipline. Private students will be given a thorough foundation in musical rudiments, form, theory, style, and historical context. In this manner, the students’ studies become keys to true learning and though the development of a life-long process of education.
Performance-based training:
The integrated studio training is complemented by a host of performance opportunities for students at all levels. Each department holds major recitals twice a year (winter and spring). In addition, because Black Bear recognizes that education is a process, informal mini-concerts will be held once month providing student-artists to present their pieces in an informal setting while receiving valuable feedback. In addition, yearly jury exams will be given before the conservatory’s faculty. Careful attention is given to measuring how much a student has learned by comparing teacher-prepared repertoire with selections for which the student has prepared on his own. All performance opportunities are geared towards promoting self-confidence in the individual and a sense of community in the ideas in which he/she is engaged to communicate.
Classroom Community:
In addition to the intensely personal nature of art provided though studio training, students will be exposed to a variety of classroom courses including theory, music appreciation, ear training, sight-singing, rhythm, and cross-discipline studies in the arts. These classes are open to the general public as well as the student body as a means through which the particulars of art can be cultivated with an entertaining and captivating tone.
Professional Collaboration:
Black Bear hosts a variety of events each year including master classes, performances, workshops, and “meet-the-composer” seminars. These programs put students of every level of achievement in touch with artists who are professionals in their fields so that art can be enjoyed and experienced by all.